Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Results of the baby drive

I held a "Baby Drive" this last weekend, within my neighborhood. I initially tried to place flyers on the community's mailbox. Those got torn off. So then I shoved the flyers into the individual mailboxes. I guess a few people saw them, but am asuming most of them were tossed intot he trash. On the day before the drive, I made a huge banner, advertising the effort, on my garage door. The wind blew it to bits. The day of the drive, I placed a huge cardboard sign in the front yard, that advertised the baby drive. The wind kept blowing it over and then it rained. It was so pathetic! But in the end, I did have a few neighbors give very generously to the homeless babies of San Antonio. I wish I had more to give, but I'm very excited to deliver everything to the San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries on Thursday. Every little bit counts, right?!

PS Don't forget that if you EVER have ANYTHING to give away, send it my way. I'll take it to SAMM's homeless. Thanks!!

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