Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, here are the first few...

Donated by Katie Little    (this looks better when on a head! )                                                                     

Donated by John Martin                                                                       

Donated by Scott Weinert  (is it "ie" or "ei"?   I forget, Scott....sorry)

                  John Martin

              Sharron Burnett

   Scott Wienert (I added a flower with some extra yarn I had....hey, there's no reason why some homeless gal shouldn't be fabulous too!)

                            Maryellen Greene

             Sharron Burnett  (this one looks much prettier in person....nice color)

I only made 10 items in 2 weeks, but I have been very busy with Christmas activities, Thanksgiving, the routine housework, caring for my kids, etc.  So I will bump up production this week.  Thanks for the donations.  And don't forget to spread the word.  The SAMM shelter has currently has 400 beds and they were ALL full of cold and hungry people.  400!!  So I won't stop crocheting!  Keep it coming!

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