Friday, December 11, 2009

More updates

I received a generous package from Shirley Hines.  Thanks!!  And I finished a gorgeous scarf from Traci Underwood's yarn.  I'll post the picture on Monday. It's a nice color.   But today, I have to travel to Houston for my son's birthday party and so I don't have time to download pics.  Traveling is always a great time for me to get lots of crocheting done.  But today, we aren't leaving until after dark.  Man, what a waste of some good time!  I was also planning on making a drop-off to the shelter today, but had to spend the day packing for our trip and cleaning up doggy diarrhea.  Ick.  My poor old fart dog is a little sick.  But amongst all this craziness, I did manage to whip out a crocheted hat today.  Hooray!!

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