Monday, November 23, 2009

My first bundle of yarn...hooray!!

I've already received a large amount of yarn, over the weekend, thanks to the following people:
Maryellen Greene
Sharron Burnett
Julio Gonzalez
I already have my work cut out for me, but trust me, I can handle more.  So keep spreading the word.  I hope to keep this project going, even when the cold weather passes.  I can accumulate a large amount of scarves and hats and be ready for next winter.  So please don't forget that I will be working all year long. 
And remember to join me as a follower of this blog for updates.  I will post pictures of completed scarves as I finish them.  And now I'm off to see how much I can get done today.  I have at least 10 scarves to make and I have home obligations too!  (ugh!)


  1. Hi Catherine! My name is Nancy, and I'm here in San Antonio too, so I am very familiar with SAMM. I wish I had known about your project sooner, my group recently got a HUGE donation (200+ pounds) of yarn and I just mailed the last batch out to members 2 weeks ago. Let me go through my stash and see what I can come up with. This sounds like a great idea and I wish you much luck in your endeavor. I'll post your blogsite on my LJ and FB pages.

  2. Catherine,

    I'm not sure how you got hold of my email address, but go you. I'll send you some yarn.



    Dubuque, Iowa