Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coat Drive

Brrrrrrrr.  It's really cold out today.  And it's going to be windy and in the low 20's tonight.  So yesterday I stared a spontaneous coat drive, in my neighborhood.  I posted some signs and am hoping to get at least a couple of coats donated for the homeless.  I drove around the city today, stopping at every major chain store (Walamart, Target, Old Navy, etc) and bought up the last of their gloves.  Most of them were on sale for practically nothing!  I delivered a few wintery items to the San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries this afternoon.  I hope that they'll help keep a few more people warm during this vicious cold front we're experiencing.  I'm only posting htis to let you kn ow what I'm doing.  I'm NOT asking any of my followers for coats.Only local people.  I'm simply going to see how many coats I can get in the next couple of days.  So far, I've counted 8.

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